Telemundo “Working for You” Campaign

This is an image campaign we did for Telemundo 47 in New York. We tried to look a little outside the box for this campaign. Every news station does promos the same way… “We have the best…” “We were there first…” “Our Doppler radar is the most advanced…” They all are the same promo. Seriously. Take 1 shot from one channel and insert another shot from different channel and put them together and you have the SAME PROMO! We decided to make this not about Telemundo but about Telemundo’s viewers. The message was simple. “Every day YOU go out and work for YOUR family. Every day, we work for you.”

It was released in 3 phases. The first phase was to completely showcase the viewer and what they do for a living. Every job we could think of from baker to lawyer. The second phase was to incorporate the news anchors preparing for the newscast. Phase 3 still showcases the viewer, but also adds Telemundo’s reporters to the mix as well.

The spots earned 2 Emmy Nominations in 2013.


Client: Telemundo


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